From the moment you get a new patient, until the claim is handled, I’ve got you covered. At Goss Practice Solutions, my offerings are designed to make billing simple, straightforward and seamless—from the beginning of the claim until it’s processed. 



What’s included?

Harnessing patient data.


I enter demographics and insurance information for all patients, verify benefits and obtain authorizations for pre-certifications. For new patients, you fax me their information (encrypted for HIPAA)—then I take it from there.


Claims processing.

I submit claims electronically whenever possible (which means faster turnaround time), file secondary payers, manage all appeals, make follow-up phone calls, and bill patients once a month if needed. If patients have questions, they call me and I assist them.



Revenue management.

When you get a credit card, check or cash payment, I enter those payments and any required adjustments. I also provide reports so you know how much you’re collecting each month. 



Cheerful partnership & direct access to me.

Whenever you have questions or just want to check in, I’m right here and always ready to help.



Read more about my transparent pricing here.


What isn’t included?

Collection for past due patient balances.

I will provide you with monthly patient-aging reports so you’re always aware of any patient balance due and I will do everything I can to help it not get that way! Should the bill cycle out, I can recommend collections professionals.



Treatment plan completion.

I will notify you when a treatment plan is due.



Network management.

I’m happy to handle this for you for an additional charge.  See Credentialing Services for more information.



EAP billing requiring special invoices.

I can submit EAP claims which are accepted in CMS1500 format.


Why Work With Me?