I know that as a mental health professional, your gift is helping patients. My gift is meticulously handling your billing and taking the pressure off your shoulders. Here’s what makes Goss Practice Solutions unique:


With 20+ years’ experience, mental health billing is my specialty

I’m detail-oriented, hyper-organized and I like fixing problems. Meticulously handling your billing comes naturally to me.


You talk directly to me

In a world that sometimes seems to be getting less personal, I put personal-interaction first.


No contracts!

I don’t make my clients sign contracts. If you’re not happy with the service, by no means would I force you to stay.


Cost efficiency

You can have an expert handling a very important part of your practice without having to hire an employee. That means less overhead (no insurance or payroll)—and my services are tax deductible. 


Discretion & Privacy

When you outsource your billing, it keeps your income and revenue separate from your office staff. Your financial information stays separate and confidential. 


Cheerful partnership

Billing isn’t everyone’s cup of tea. But I genuinely love what I do—and I think that shows in my interactions with my clients, their patients, and the insurance providers.


Transparent pricing

Billing providers often have really complicated billing! I’m all about simplicity. I offer transparent pricing so you’ll always know what you’re paying each month. You pay via direct deposit on the 10th of every month, and I re-assess your plan each year. If you collect…

Collections per month You pay
$1 – $6,000 $500
$6,001 – $11,000 $700
$11,001 – $16,000 $900
$16,001+ Call for a personalized quote

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